Environmental impactMaterial characterizationMaterial design
Development of traps targeting a commercially important kind of fish in the Bay of Biscay.
Duration: Durée : 36 mois [2018 – 2020]
Budget: 260k€

+  Development of fishing tackle that respects the environment and resources.

+  Design of new traps using biodegradable materials that have less impact on the environment.

Project Manager

Yves Grohens
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Fish traps are an age-old fishing technique that is attracting renewed interest because of its potential as a fishing technique that respects resources and the environment. The aim of the BAITFISH project is to develop traps targeting a commercially important fish (the black sea bream) in the Bay of Biscay. It will be broken down into phases to provide a better understanding of the capture process thanks to underwater observations. The behaviour of the fish around different attractants and the trap will be studied to develop techniques and equipment that can then be tested on board professional vessels to assess their performance. The development of such equipment is of interest in the context of diversifying the fishing activity of small coastal vessels to target species that do not present an identified stock problem. The development of fishing tackle that respects the environment and resources is a very relevant concern. The impact of this equipment on resources and the environment will also be addressed throughout the project. The design of new traps based on biodegradable materials with less impact is also envisaged. This project is intended to be multidisciplinary and federative, calling on skills in the fields of technology (measurement and observation methods), fishing biology (attraction, capture, selection, impact), modelling of fish behaviour and fishing economics.