For the past 10 years, the ComposiTIC technical platform, supported by the university UBS, the State, the Region of Brittany and the Lorient Conurbation, has hinged on three missions: R&D, the transfer of know-how and training.
Our missions

Research and Development

Acquisition of skills

Transfer of know-how

Organisation and advice on innovation

Types of collaboration

Provision of services and R&D

Collaboration contracts

Supply of equipment

Assistance in compiling dossiers for innovative projects

While Lorient Composites Valley today reflects the ambitions of the Lorient region in terms of economic development, ComposiTIC was a forerunner in the pooling of advanced technological resources between companies and the University of Bretagne Sud.

Therefore, for the past 10 years, the ComposiTIC technical platform, supported by the university UBS, the State, the Region of Brittany and the Lorient Conurbation, has  hinged on three missions: R&D, the transfer of know-how and training. The aim is to help local SMEs that have mastered traditional composite and polymer processing technologies to move towards automated or robotised technologies. This results in services provided for SMEs and R&D projects aimed at controlling the impact of the development of composite structures, not only economically and environmentally, but also in terms of health and social issues, particularly for workers.

ComposiTIC’s projects for the future focus on hydrogen, with the design and manufacture of new storage systems, the increased recyclability of composites as a result of automated manufacturing processes, and support for the low-carbon ship propulsion sector driven by the Brittany Region and the Lorient Conurbation.

Yves Grohens
Manager of ComposiTIC


Attached to the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (UMR CNRS 6027)

Date of creation:

Design engineers, research engineers, university professors and lecturers, PHD students, post-doctoral researchers and administrative staff.

Scientific manager:
Yves GROHENS, University Professor


Product and process simulation
Design and sizing
Digital twin


3D printing
Automated fibre placement (AFP)
Filament winding


Thermoplastic and composite formulation
Synthesis of natural polymers
Processing of semi-finished products




Natural and accelerated ageing
Toxicological evaluation
Integration of recycled materials

From the idea to the marketplace
Academic research

Applied research

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3

Experimental proof of concept

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4

Validation of the technology in the laboratory

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5

Validation of the technology in a real environment

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6

Demonstration of the technology in a real environment
Industrial scale-up
Functional prototype and limited production 

Prototype fonctionnel et production petite série

Composite Valley

ComposiTIC is located in the centre of the Lorient Composite Valley, a hub of specialist activities supported by the Lorient Conurbation to create synergies between specialist companies in the composites sector and all the economic players that can contribute to its expansion.

The development of the sector should make it possible to implement new training courses and skilled jobs.

The growth of the composite sector is also helping to speed up the region’s energy transition with the development of the blue economy (low-carbon propulsion) and the green economy (new kinds of energy, recycling of materials and waste).

Label PFT


The national Technological Platform (PFT – Plateforme technologique) certification objective to encourage collaboration between research & development, training and business, in order to innovate more rapidly and effectively in the field of high-performance composite materials in Brittany.

PFT partners

Lycée Colbert – Lorient
Lycée Jean Macé – Lanester
Lycée Saint-Joseph La Salle – Lorient
Lycée Kerneuzec – Quimperlé
Institut Régional des Matériaux Avancés (IRMA) – Ploemeur
SCAP Industrie du futur, Lab-STICC – Lorient
Innozh Composites – Saint-Brieuc

  1. Innovation and Transfer of Technology

Help small and medium-sized businesses in their creation, technological development or technological innovation phases.

  1. Information and Promotion

Organise joint events involving students, teachers or trainers and professionals.

  1. Education

Set up innovative educational projects with partner secondary schools and businesses.

The team


Yves Grohens

Scientific Manager

Lecloarec Le Galliot

Administrative and financial manager

02 97 87 65 70

Claire Allanos

Communications and Project Management Officer

02 97 87 65 71


Formulation & Characterisation

Yves-Maire Corre

Technical and Materials Manager

02 97 87 65 75

Formulation & Characterisation

Isabelle Pillin

Research Engineer


Jérôme Le Corre

Assistant Engineer

02 97 87 65 74

Fabrication Additive

Antoine Barbé

Materials Engineer

02 97 87 65 73

Fabrication Additive

Yvon Le Gal

Assistant Engineer

02 97 87 65 79

Recycling and Hydrogen

Florent Faure

Research Engineer

02 97 87 65 76


Cyran Le Guennec

Project and Digital Centre Manager

02 97 87 65 81

Victorien Merlé

Composites Design Engineer

02 97 87 65 72

Hector Jeannot

Composite Materials R&D Engineer

02 97 87 65 72

Imane Irchachen

Mechatronics engineer

02 97 87 65 72